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How to Use Engagement Groups

Here is a great video by Digital Marketing expert Hayden Peddle describing the use of Instagram engagement groups.

Engagement groups are an excellent way to increase your account’s engagement levels. An engagement group is an agreement between Instagram users to exchange likes and/or comments on each other’s posts. Instagram’s algorithm puts engagement at the forefront for content success. The more likes and comments you receive on your posts, the greater the potential for higher content engagement. These groups can take place anywhere, but Instagram’s direct messaging is the most common area used for exchanging engagements.


Here are some basic methods for using engagement groups:


  • 1v1 Engagement – This is the exchange of engagement between two users. I recommend using this method if there are certain accounts that you want to receive engagement from on a regular basis. Find accounts that are similar to yours in niche. For example, two fashion accounts exchanging engagement. Furthermore, requesting users that have similar follower levels will have a higher success rate than inquiring accounts with larger follower bases to exchange engagements, in which many larger accounts might not find it beneficial to engage with smaller networks.


  • Engagement Groups – Engagement groups are similar to 1v1 exchanges, but they involve more accounts in the process. Instagram allows users to create direct messaging groups of up to 15 different accounts, which can be very useful for users looking to exchange engagements with a larger network. Most groups consist of accounts within the same niche that have similar follower levels, but you might be able to sneak into a group with accounts much larger than yours! I advise requesting other users to invite you into groups with open slots, or create a group yourself! Here is a great Facebook group for finding engagement groups:


  • Engage Without Groups – For users unable to find any engagement groups, I suggest engaging with users in your niche anyway, as they might return the favor. I use this method frequently, in which I find accounts that actively engage with other pages and I will comment/like their posts. Users that are in many engagement groups will likely have a hard time remembering every account that is in those groups, so they might assume you are in one of their groups and return engagement to your account!


I hope you find these methods useful in assisting your account’s engagement levels! Please email me if you have any questions or concerns!



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